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2021-5-4 Silo – The Healing of Suffering

On May 4, 1969, some two hundred people came to a remote place in the Andes Mountains to listen to a man named Silo. The military dictatorship in Argentina had forbidden all public events in the cities. Therefore, Punta de Vacas, a desolate spot between Chile and Argentina, was chosen. From very early in the morning, the authorities controlled the access routes, with military vehicles and men armed with machine guns. To gain access it was necessary to show documentation and personal data, which created some conflicts with the international press. In a magnificent scenery of snow- capped mountains Silo began his speech. The day was cold and sunny. Around 12 a.m. everything was over. This video combines Silo’s original audio, and there being not enough good quality images of the event, I have chosen to broadcast it with illustrations I have made, some based on photographs of existing records, the rest is my own. Rafael Edwards May 4th, 2021