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2010-05-28 Silo, Manantiales Park, Chile

Silo, Manantiales Park, Chile May 28, 2010
…There is complete unrest, in all fields. That unrest will be increasingly felt. And all that of the agitators … And that’s where we’re heading to. To the wondrous things that those who want to order everything do. Threatening you with bombs and machine guns everywhere. To how nicely they’ve done things up to now. To what good situation they’ve left the world in. We have only one toast to make and raise our glasses. In the face of all the disgusting things in the world, in the face of this disintegration and this centrifugal thing, in every sense, there is the creation of synthetic life. You will say: «Ah yes, but they will take advantage of it to…». They will take advantage of what they want, but this phenomenon has never happened before. And it is a totally new phenomenon that will have many consequences. If in the face of disintegration and this total decadence, phenomena of this kind begin to appear, we will find ourselves with the tail of the new times. There are symptoms of the new times, not just the unrest, this is one aspect, but there are other things. There is a new horizon. A new horizon is clearly emerging. So we won’t be interested in continuing to criticize the disasters of today’s world. We already know it, we already know where it goes. We are tired of wasting time criticizing the disasters of today’s world. Now we are going to artificial life. No, but it deserves a toast. It deserves it! They will manipulate it, that they will exploit it, there is no doubt, this has been done with all things. But anyway, it got out of their hands; from the usual controls. It escaped. Now there are some who are very angry about this. «We must stop playing God», they say. Ah sure, they are the ones who can God; those who say what to do and what not to do. But if others say so … We are playing God, and this fact of playing God seems to me a very good direction. Great direction. As our dear ancestors said, now very distant «Neither god nor master». But there is a divine spirit in the people… Come on! A little poetry. We can’t be such brutes. It is intolerable. A bit of poetry. And a horizon is opening up. Do we want to call it a poetic horizon, in practice? Well, however you like. A «new spirituality»? Sure, why not? But another mental frontier is opening without any doubt…