Menú Cerrar

2006-10-28 Silo, La Reja, Buenos Aires, Laying on of hands

We are going to do an Imposition Ceremony. And it’s for us about the Force and all that. We are going to repeat phrases from that text. And as we say those phrases, they help what is being said. We will repeat as to help one go in that direction. You have ways to tune in or not. The best way to tune into these things is to get into this things, my mind is restless, my body I don’t know what, well and then all that. But more than anything, to go trying to connect with someone who is inside, who is oneself. What is a good person. There is no reason to escape it. And you have to target that internal good person inside you. That everyone, even one has. Everyone on the planet, everyone has a good person inside. So let’s get close to  something there to tune in. With ourselves. With that internal thing that many times we do not see. Of course we don’t see it when we look in the mirror. Let’s see how we achieve that harmony. We are going to repeat some phrases at some point, until we manage to tune in. Not with others. Not with the «everything» and stuff. No. With oneself. With that deep thing within each one. With the depth of oneself. With that thing that doesn’t have a lot of  words.