Menú Cerrar

2005-6-11 Silo, Visit to the small hall in Peñalolen, Santiago, Chile

These things are fed by what people say and think about what we are saying. It’s when you talk what you get from people. So, when we try to thread a new idea, we do it, because people are responding. And it seems to me especially that it is what the people, the people are asking for something, the people are driving all this. So we have to believe more in the people, it seems to me, it is what the people have to tell us rather than what we tell the people. The point is to be able to listen to what people say. It’s not what you say, what people have to listen to. We have to listen to what people say. And then people are saying it and saying it in many ways. That is the great, the great wisdom of this matter, in giving back what comes from the people. It’s the people who are feeding this back and giving it strength. To strengthen the feeling of humor. While it is true that there is so much misfortune and so much trouble, by putting humor into things, we think of things in a different way. Yes, there is a lack of humor, there is a lack of humor, and sometimes we let ourselves fall because of the situation we are in. But in reality it is also a way of rising, through humor. Because humor does not mean that one is indifferent to problems, to misfortunes, to difficulties. I believe because with humor and laughter we desacralize, we remove the solemn. Laughter elevates the heart, humor elevates the heart. Well, one learns to laugh too, part of it is spontaneous, but one’s attitude, to look for humor and that, I think it is something that can be learned. Because if you are crying all day long because of the problems that exist, you are not going to solve things. And to have enthusiasm you have to have a direction in life. What excites you is what launches you in a direction, something that overcomes you, in this situation that you are living, launches you upwards. Enthusiasm launches you upward. What happens is that in your Message, that you say now last, there is a little part that touched me deeply and I said, I said, that is telling me. It is the future that really moves our life. What is going to happen in the future, that is guiding you, that is moving you. In whatever you do, always observe the dimension of the future. Because you say the things you do, because of the life you have had, you always refer to the things behind. As if life is thrown in one direction because of the things that have happened to you. But, if you look closely, that dimension of the future in life is what actually makes you move in one direction or another. It is because of the future, it is because of the image you have of the future. It is the future that moves your present. It is the future that rearranges your past. It is the direction you are taking in your life, towards the future, towards a project, towards where you want to go, that adjusts your present and adjusts your past. And it seems that it is not someone who pushes from behind, a past, but rather, a horse that carries a cart, that is the future, and it is carrying that cart. But, if we take out a few things we’re going to see the future pushing us, actually, ahead of us. You’re going to get out of that situation when you change your picture of the future, when you say, «Well, what a lot of going back to past problems.» But these are impulses that are not intellectual, they are not from the head. That’s the problem, with the head you do everything. But that force does not come from the head, it comes from inside. They were moved by an impulse that did not come from the head. That impulse made them move their head, but they wanted another world, another situation, another. That is what counts, that impulse. How can we kill the impulse, if that is what moves everything. Raise your heart, raise your heart. Lift your heart. We make a lot of mistakes in our life, and sometimes we think we get it right, and we get it right. The only sign you have that you are on the right track is that your life has more unity. If not, people, when faced with failure, become discouraged, feel depressed, and retreat. If you can continue in spite of those failures in that search and so on, it is because you keep that enthusiasm behind you that is pushing you. You keep the enthusiasm. It’s something that’s going to launch you into the future. What gives strength to the Message is the feedback from the people. People listening to that Message, people discussing that Message, even those who don’t agree with that Message, is a way of dialogue with us.» I don’t agree at all with that Message.» If people accept this Message or people clash with the Message, it is because things are moving inside them. If we depended on people’s recognition, like show business for example, it would be just another fad. Before they used to say that it was a product of a fashion, that it was going to change the fashion, it is something that changes with time. «Because it is not a fashion».