Menú Cerrar

2004-11-19 Silo visits the small hall of Ramos Mejia, Buenos Aires

Silo speaks of the spirit that animates the Halls of The Message. Little halls where people congregate. Little halls borrowed, built, rented by several groups and sharing expenses, days, hours….
The important thing about the little halls is the people, not the walls. Halls that are charged with the good relations between people, with the good feelings of the people, not with discord.
This is projected outside the halls and the people feel it. Today people do not converge in families, nor in friendships, nor in theories, nor anything else. There is no other way to connect people and converge than common experiences.
There is no way to agree, but with common experiences. Which, in addition, have the advantage that they can be strengthened to the extent that they are repeated and to the extent that they bring together more people.
The experiences can be carried out in a more intense way each time, more truthful and in a better relationship with people.
That’s the way it goes, not otherwise. The texts are a reference. Each one can make the ceremony as he/she feels it more real.
Silo invites to perform a ceremony of Well-being.