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2002-09-08 Silo Nataniel Stadium, Santiago, Chile

Explanations about Silo’s Message, Nataniel Stadium, Santiago, Chile
SILO, Santiago – Sept. 8, 2002
A book, some ceremonies and a path. This message, however, can be opportune given the situation that we are living personally. The situation we are living in general is not the best of situations. There are good things but there is also a lot of suffering, a lot of misfortune, a lot of people’s problems. We do not have to go very far to see that suffering, that misfortune; we experience it in ourselves, we experience it in our loved ones. I am not talking about what the newspapers say. I am talking about what one perceives.
Well, this Message intends to make a small contribution, it intends to serve – maybe – people. It may not be useful, but we will do no harm if it is not useful, it will simply remain there. If it does serve, people will take it in their hands and put it into action and then it will be all right. In short, either it works or it doesn’t work, in both cases it’s fine.
From my personal point of view, to put this Message into action is really to give back to the people, to give back all the good things that people have given me, that people have given me. From my point of view it is a small act of justice, a reparation for the good things that people have done. Free interpretation and free participation.
Who participates in this? Who likes it. Who does not participate in this? Who does not like it. And who are we to say that this one should participate and that one should not participate?
Where can we get that from? That such and such a person is a bad person. Who are we to put barriers and borders on people? And if it were a bad person, what a good opportunity for him to come, because people change.
This Message intends to move in this way, with these values, with a free interpretation so that everyone can interpret things as they like, with a free participation and no one is here – I believe – to judge anyone.